When I started my CLI project, I believed that I would be able to go from start to finish without any kind of problem. Oh how I was wrong. My first impression when looking at a CLI was that it was a simple program that could be thrown together with just a handful of code. However, just the initial planning shown to be a difficult task not easily accomplished. When you have the opportunity to create a CLI with whatever you want, a world of possibilities opens up. After several hours of planning, search, and panicking, I knew what I…

I am writing this today to tell everyone why I decided to join Flatiron to learn how coding. My name is Brandon Stephens. I have very little in terms of background or knowledge in coding. However, the idea of coding has been something that has interested me for some time. Let us start from the beginning.

I first started to become interested in coding while I was is high school. I went to school at the Weatherford High School in Weatherford, Oklahoma. My sophomore year I was able to take a class on web design. The class itself was very…

Brandon Stephens

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